Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Osru a Tale of many incarnations, the history of the soul (1910) by Justin Sterns

Once again I am at a loss what to say about the author of a book. Justin Sterns seems to have ever only published one book. There is no biographical information to be found out about him, not even his date of birth.

The book is interesting though and worthy of a mention. It chronicles certain passages of the various lives of a soul. It works more effectively as a conte cruel then a lecture about karma, as there is only one incarnation wherein the soul commits any evil, where it happens to be Nero. The rest are rather unpleasant, from throwing a drugged woman ontop of a funerary pyre against her will, to a man rotting in a dungeon to several decades, being made the brood mare of a slavery plantation, etc. It is well written stuff either way and worthy to look up.

The only piece of trivia I can find out is that there seems to have been a drama based on the book called "Every-Soul" by A.L.Pollock. That person too appears to be an enigma.

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